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Bolinao Mangrove Tree Planting and EcoAdventures

Bolinao, Philippines

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Bolinao Nature and Magrove Tree Planting Paradise
The Itinerary is for Responsible Tourists Only

Bolinao is one of the most enchanting destination blessed with nature. Tour starts in visiting the centries old St. James Church, then the Monastery of St. Claire for your prayer request. Experience the refeshing water falls of Bolinao 1 and 2. Enjoy Healthy all Filipino and Native Pangasinan meals. Visit the oldest Bakawan in the province during a romantic river tour. Help in the...

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LAIBAN Tanay Tree Planting

Rizal, Philippines

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Invitation to Tanay TREE PLANTING,
Community Development & Scholarship Program
with option to Camp overnight to enjoythe Waterfalls, do horse backriding, bird watching, flowers & butterfly watching, fruit picking on second day Sunday

Facilitated by Miriam P.E.A.C.E. (Public Education & Awareness Campaign for the Environment) Environment Science Institute of Miriam College

OBJECTIVE: To share to the participants the beauty of Nature and the blessed feeling of caring for the...

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Maribojoc Community Life EcoTour, Bohol

Bohol, Philippines

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The Community Life Tours implemented by the San Vicente Mangrove Association (SAVIMA) started in the year 2003 with initiatives of Peace Corps. Volunteer, Ms. Aileen Wedel and PROCESS-Bohol, Inc. The said project was coordinated with the Municipal and Barangay LGUs of Maribojoc and other partner line agencies.

Guided Mangrove Awareness and its benefits to marine life and conservation
1. Through a 500 meters length bamboo boardwalk
2. 21 species of mangroves (bakhaw babaye and lalaki,...

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Mt. Makiling Healing Hike and Hot Spring Galore

Laguna, Philippines

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MT. MAKILING Rain Forest Healing Hike, Botanical Garden and Lunch by Laguna de Bay,
Los Banos Hot Springs, Laguna

This mountain park features large tracks of natural and old-growth forests as well as
plantations of endemic and exotic trees. It presents geologic wonders like the mudsprings, flatrocks, creeks, waterfalls, caves and peaks. The reserve harbors endemic and endangered flora including kapa-kapa, tayabak, Malaboo, and others. Some wild animals: Philippine deer, monkey, wild...

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Pagbilao Mangrove Tree Planting and Beachy Escapade

Quezon, Philippines

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This mangrove forest is a living proof of a successful rehabilitation effort. Even before World War II, the area was a favorite to poachers who gather the "bakawan" which is a very good material for charcoal. In 1975, the 145 hectare area was declared as Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest by virtue of Bureau of Forest Development (BFD) Administrative Order No. 7 (s. 1975). This declaration provided the necessary protection (and funding) and further poaching was prevented. Now, the diverse...

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