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Puerto Princesa Underground River and Vicinity Tour

Palawan, Philippines

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Now that the PPUR (Puerto Princesa Underground River) has gained worldwide recognition as one of the seven wonders of nature, you may wonder how beautiful the place really is!

The underground river is just one of the many things you can discover in this destination. Stay for a few days in the area and know more "hidden" beauties of this national park and its vicinity.

Day 1
Arrive Puerto Princesa Airport
Proceed to Sabang
Check-in Resort

Rest/Free time
Swimming or snorkeling in...

  • Last updated on Jun 16, 2013 |
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Dolphin Watching in Pamilacan, Bohol

Bohol, Philippines

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Dolphin Watch Pamilacan offers unique marine tours in the waters of Bohol, Central Philippines. Since 1999 these tours have been instrumental in turning the tide against illegal and unsustainable fishing in this area by providing an economic alternative to local communities. Dolphin Watch Pamilacan is a community owned business made up of former dolphin and whale hunters from Pamilacan Island, the Pamilacan Island Dolphin and Whale Watching Organization (PIDWWO).

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Mt. Pulag Fun Climb

Benguet, Philippines

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MT. PULAG National Park is the highest peak in Luzon and the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines. You can trek through lush forest, find solitude in the grassland, experience ancient mountain culture, or encounter rare plants and animals, including the world’s largest cloud rat and smallest bamboo. Hiking experience like the Sound of Music grassland or Lord of the Rings forest. Scenario: Hot during the day, freezing frosty during the night and Glorious during the sunrise.


  • Last updated on Dec 18, 2012 |
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Batanes w Basco and Sabtang

Batanes, Philippines

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B A T A N E S w Sabtang & Batan Island

BATANES is the smallest province in the Philippine archipelago but probably popular province because of it’s undisturbed and unspoiled beauty of nature preserved by peace loving people. BATANES is different – wind swept hills and boulder-hemmed shores that lure, challenge and haunt. The people are different – a brave and skillful race of hardy, inscrutable survivors. The houses is different – stone walls, whitened with lime, and roofed in...

  • Last updated on Dec 16, 2012 |
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Pandan Island Paradise and Apo Reef (optional)

Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

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Sabalayan Mindoro

Pandan Island is for people who like to spend time in tropical surroundings without cars and television. A place where you are woken up by the singing of colorful birds, where there is only a palm tree between you and the sea, where you still know your neighbors and where you may even meet a sea turtle before having your breakfast.

With an area of 15, 792 hectares, Apo Reef is one of the largest coral atoll in the Philippines...

  • Last updated on Dec 15, 2012 |
  • viewed 11 months ago