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Hangzhou Botanical Garden

No. 1 Taoyuanling, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China


The Hangzhou Botanical Garden, covering an area of about 230 hectares, is located at the northwest end of the West Lake at the foot of Jade Spring Hill. Originally built in 1965, this Botanical Garden does not only impress its visitor by presenting a huge variety of beautiful plants, but also by let them discover decorative architecture and a stunning environment with extremely fresh air. A division of the Garden into two main sections includes the research section on the one side and the pleasure gardens on the other side. Especially the pleasure gardens show unique features and one highlight are namely 5,000 plum trees standing upright in the ‘Lingfeng Tanmei’ area of the Botanical Garden. Furthermore, relaxing facilities are provided for the tourists to simply enjoy and reflect the just observed.

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