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Mausoleum of Sultan Bolkiah

Kota Batu, overlooking the Brunei River, Brunei


Sultan Bolkiah Mausoleum is located on a hill ridge at Kota Batu, overlooking the Brunei River. His Majesty reign Brunei from 1485 - 1524 century AD.

At the end of his reign the Brunei Empire was at its zenith; almost all the sultanate in Borneo were under his sovereignty including Sambas, Kotaringin, Pontianak, Kutai, Pasir, Tuli-Tuli, Banjarmasin and Burau. His majesty was fame for his sea exploits, voyaging to Malacca and Java and conquering Sulu as well as briefly seizing Manila with the help of a cannon called Si-Gantar Alam (He Who Makes the Earth Shake).

What's Nearby Mausoleum of Sultan Bolkiah?