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Guandu Nature Park

No.55, Guandu Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan


This is a major birdwatching and nature destination in Taiwan. It is a low-lying land area located southwest of the Guandu Plain in Taipei Basin, where the Keelung River joins the Danshui River. The main environments of the park are freshwater ponds, brackish ponds, swamps, rice paddies and mounds. Because of the diverse ecological environment, the area is home to numerous varieties of animals and plants. The Guandu Park was established to help preserve the precious natural resources of this land. The area of the park is about 57 hectares, including the main facility area, core reserved area, and the outdoor observation area. With the aid of wooden trails, bird-watching cabins and tour guides, Guandu Nature Park will open the gateway to nature and allow you to experience the natural world close up.

After years of effort spent, finally on December 1, 2001, the Wild Bird Society of Taipei was entrusted by the Taipei City Government with the authority to manage the park; becoming the first nonprofit organization to do so. This is an excellent example of a governmental organization and a civic organization working together to achieve environmental preservation as well as public education.

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