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Morning Star Hotel Ha Long

Tuan Chau Island, Vietnam

Tuan Chau Island's name is derived from the two words "linh tuan" (the patrol man) and "tri chau" (district chief) since in the feudal times the royal army set up a guard station here to patrol and defend the borderland. Prior to 1999, the Island's residents suffered from a very modest living standard. There was no power network and no clean water. Roads were only trails and there were no mechanical means of transportation. Tuan Chau was a very poor town where fishing with very rudimentary tools was the primary means of making a living. Investment by the Au Lac Company has changed the character of Tuan Chau and improved the living conditions of its residents. Tuan Chau Island has been transformed into international tourism center with deluxe villas dotting the hillside, dolphin, seal and sea lion show, water dance and laser light shows, a 36-hole golf course, ship wharf and tourist ferry station. The 4-star Morning Star Hotel, Tuan Chau Island's newest hotel is prominently located on a Tuan Chau Island hillside. Each of its 106 luxurious and comfortable rooms and suites has its own special magnificent and romantic view of Halong Bay. Hotel also offers Ballroom, Dry cleaning, Lobby, Reception and Table tennis.



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