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Sipadan Island

Sabah, Malaysia

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The residential schooling barracuda and big-eye trevally, which often gather in thousands forming spectacular tornado-like formations, are one of the highlights of every diver’s wish-list. With the possibility of seeing pelagic species such as mantas, eagle rays, scalloped hammerhead sharks and whale sharks, each dive at Sipadan is a highly anticipated event.

It is not only the big fish that amaze divers coming to Sipadan, the macro life is equally mesmerizing. Garden eels, leaf scorpion...

  • Last updated on Mar 03, 2016 |
  • viewed 3 months ago

Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramic (Fine Art and Ceramic Museum)

Jakarta, Indonesia

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The Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Indonesian: Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik is a museum in Jakarta, Indonesia. The museum is dedicated especially to the display of traditional fine art and ceramics of Indonesia. The museum is located in east side of Fatahillah square, near Jakarta History Museum and Wayang Museum.

The museum displays the traditional handicraft of Indonesia. The museum also displays paintings by Indonesian painters such as the romanticist painter Raden Saleh and expressionist...

  • Last updated on Jan 05, 2016 |
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Orchard Road


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Orchard Road is the 2.2 km one-way street in Singapore where distinctive shopping malls on both sides of the road are situated, making it the retail and entertainment hub of the city-state. Each iconic mall offers its own selection of retail, dining and entertainment opportunities. The shopping belt comprises nearly 800,000 sq m of stores and restaurants, from designer brands to fast fashion and from upscale restaurants to food courts.

  • Last updated on Nov 15, 2015 |
  • viewed 5 months ago

Tanah Lot Temple

Bali, Indonesia

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Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most important temples, famed for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu shrine perched on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves; Tanah Lot is simply among Bali’s not-to-be-missed icons.

The onshore site is dotted with smaller shrines alongside visitors’ leisure facilities that comprise restaurants, shops and a cultural park presenting regular dance performances. The temple is located in the Beraban village of the Tabanan...

  • Last updated on Nov 12, 2015 |
  • viewed 5 months ago

Patong Beach

Phuket, Thailand

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Patong Beach is the most famous of Phuket's beaches that it has the largest concentration of tourists. Patong offers a wide variety of activities and nightlife - being a place to relax, party and play. There are bungalow complexes, restaurants, shops and nightspots lined up to the seafront.

  • Last updated on Sep 25, 2015 |
  • viewed 4 months ago