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Hundred Islands National Park

Pangasinan, Philippines

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A cluster of numerous coral formations of different sizes, some having small, white beaches. The place is ideal for swimming, boating, and snorkeling. Scattered off the coast of Lucap in Alaminos are islands and islets that look like giant turtles. There are numerous water-based activities that can be done here like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and island hopping. A number of beach resorts are also sited in some of the islands.

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Potipot Island

Zambales, Philippines

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Viewed from afar, this privately owned island is picture of a nature's charm jutting out of the horizon. The place is endowed with a stretch of white sand beach and crystal clear emerald green waters in a lush vegetation, providing perfect gateway for tourists to the area.

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Seven Falls

South Cotabato, Philippines

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The Seven Falls is one of the prides of Lake Sebu. Its more than 100-foot cataract and huge volumes of water falling down on the basin create a perpetual shower of mist that never fail to impress the visitors. Although there are seven waterfalls in the area, the most accessible ones are the first and the second falls. The remaining five waterfalls can only be reached through hiking.

However, it is not advisable to swim in the site because of the fast flow of the river (that directly leads to...

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Boracay Island

Boracay, Philippines

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Boracay Island is perhaps the most celebrated attraction in the Philippines. Its sugar-fine white sands, emerald and calm waters, and gently sloping sea bed make it one of the best tourist attractions the Philippines can offer. It has been voted in international magazines as the best beach or one of the best beaches in the world.

There are now hundreds of tourist facilities on the island that offer various standards of rooms. Boracay is also now widely known as an entertainment island...

  • Last updated on Apr 09, 2017 |
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Naidi Hills

Batanes, Philippines

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Naidi Hills offer one a panoramic view of the town proper of Basco, Mt. Iraya, and the rugged seascapes that Batanes is famous for and also you can see the telecom of the Americans in WW II.

  • Last updated on Feb 19, 2017 |
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